Honey Review 2020: How the Free Honey Extension Boasts Sweet Online Savings


Shopping online is like a treasure hunt of perfect finds for the best price. I love comparing deals quickly and searching for the perfect promo code for savings. 


The frustrating part of this hunt for savings is that I seem to go down the rabbit hole and lose like four hours searching for promo codes. When I find codes, half of them are expired so it is really frustrating.


I am always looking for a faster way to find what I want cheaper. The Honey browser extension is the perfect treasure map to find these deals and the confidence to know you have the best price.


What is Honey?


The Honey browser extension is the easiest (and cutest with the “Coiny” icon) way to save money online. This free download is perfect for the person who wants to get the best deal out there without taking the time surfing the internet for coupon codes.


Honey believes everyone should have the information they need to make informed decisions with their money. 


The free downloadable extension takes only two clicks to get it on your browser. Honey scours the internet to find all of the coupon codes to save you money and time. No more spending hours looking for savings, Honey will save for you!


Honey tests millions of promo codes works In seconds and adds the codes automatically to your shopping cart. 


You will watch the Honey “Coiny” dance while a list of codes scroll through the promo code section on the cart. You will see how your amount owed goes up and down with each code until the lowest total is found and eventual stays. This whole process takes maybe a minute.


Privacy and Honey


Honey earns commission from stores when you find savings. The best part is they don’t sell or share your data.


Honey analyzes information on the retail website you’re on so that they can find the best coupons for that site or product. They collect limited shopping data to support the Honey community, sharing real-time information about deals, prices, and products.


Honey uses data from shoppers to see what the best promo codes are and to help update the sale prices. When shoppers hunt for deals together, rather than on their own, everyone saves time and money.


The Honey extension does not collect any information from your search engine history, emails, or any website that’s not a retail site. It never collects credit card numbers, billing addresses, or any other billing information either. 


How much can you save with Honey?


On average Honey saves $126 a year for the participating 28,000+ users. The discount is about 18% saved on purchases. I love watching the deals spin through the promo box and seeing the bottom line decrease. 


More than $1 billion in savings have been found with Honey. Honey has also given more than $8 million has been rewarded to members.


What stores use Honey?


Honey’s website is broken down into categories like Trending Stores, Daily Deals, and big stores like Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom and GameStop. 


Search the website by photos and categories if you want to shop the savings instead of shopping and looking for a savings promo code. 


3 ways to save with Honey


  1. Droplist: Never miss a price drop on an item you are interested in with this Honey tool added to your desktop. Add items from stores like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart, and they’ll notify you as soon as there’s a price drop. It’s the best price tracker and price history out there. There are more than 17 million members on this list.
  2. Amazon badge: The extension saves you money on Amazon as well. They compare every seller to show the best price (even if Amazon doesn’t). It’s also your Amazon price tracker and price history tool all-in-one. With one click and Honey shows you an item’s overall price history based on prices seen by our users. 
  3. Honey Gold: With Honey Gold, you can earn gift cards. Once you earn 1,000 Honey Gold at one of the more than 5,500 stores participating, redeem it for a $10 gift card from stores like Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon.
  4. Honey app: The Honey Smart Shopping Assistant brings the savings to you. The app gives you the convenience of using one shopping cart for many different stores to purchase items at the cheapest price. Because the app has to check each item at different stores so it takes a little longer than the desktop app to apply all of the codes.


Honey Customer Service


The website boasts easy-to-use icons for help topics. Each topic has several articles to read to take care of the issue. There is also an email form to fill out for a direct response.


No matter which of the Honey extensions you use, or all of them, this will save you money and time! Maybe that is why “Coiny” dances?

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