Leon Black, Robert F. Smith & Others: Private Equity Strategies and Global Outlook (2018)

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An interview with private equity titans Robert F. Smith, Leon Black, Bruce Flatt and Jonathan Sokoloff. In this interview, the gentlemen discuss their private equity investment strategies and how they archive high returns. They also talk about the fund raising environment and give their global outlook on private equity.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
2:50 Why did you chose this path? (Leon, Bruce, Robert, Jonathan)
17:31 Do you think that the growth of companies owned by private equity firms is a good theme? (John)
20:41 Is there a need for more regulation? (Leon, Robert, Bruce)
26:57 Why is so much money going into private equity? (Leon)
31:09 What does this mean for your own deployment of cash? (Bruce)
33:30 What do you do in a high multiple environment? (Robert, Leon, Jonathan)
42:07 Reversion to the mean? (Bruce, Robert, Jonathan)
45:18 Is the blame in retail warranted? (Jonathan)
48:09 How has technology impacted the alternative asset management industry? (Robert, Bruce)
51:05 Opportunity in Asia? (Bruce, Leon, Robert)
57:00 Is fundraising becoming more global?(Jonathan)

Interview Date: 9th July, 2018
Event: Milken Institute 2018 Global Conference
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/LBlackPic2, http://bit.ly/RSmithPic3, http://bit.ly/BFlattPic, http://bit.ly/JSokoloffPic

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