Billionaires Bill Ackman & Nelson Peltz: Models Of Activism and Activist Investment Strategy

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An interview with billionaire Hedge fund managers Bill Ackman and Nelson Peltz. In this interview, the gentlemen discusses there models of activism and how they invest and create value through activist investing. The gentleman also discuss activist investments they have done that were successful and their failures. 📚 Books on Bill Ackman and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:34 Single best idea?
1:40 Freddie Mac?
3:04 High point of activism?
5:26 Would you keep investing in DuPont?
6:16 Is this activism necessary?
7:39 Competition between you two?
11:00 Winning the proxy fight in Heinz?
12:03 Business model?
12:44 What activist model works?
15:10 Constructive activism?
16:43 Do index funds need a brain?
17:46 Are there areas that are off limits?
18:55 Ever got into one and thought it was a loser?
19:52 Is this the new Kraft Heinz?
20:47 Could either of you fix McDonalds?
23:26 Does the retail model of fast food work for you?
24:13 Best operators?
25:22 Does Fannie Mae interest you?
25:52 Favourite stock?
26:15 Economy?
27:00 Is China a worry for investments?

Bill Ackman Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
Confidence Game:

Bill Ackman’s Favourite Books🔥
Zero to One:
Security Analysis:
The Intelligent Investor:
The Essays of Warren Buffett:

Interview Date: 30th July, 2015
Event: Delivering Alpha
Original Image Source:,

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