Billionaire Neil Shen: Becoming A Top Venture Capitalist and Successful Entrepreneur in China

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An interview and Q&A with billionaire founding partner of Sequoia Capital China and founder of Ctrip, Neil Shen. In this interview, Neil discusses what has made him so successful as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, which a focus on China. Neil also talks about how US firms can break into China and what trends he is focusing on in the future.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:37 Leaving banking to start your own business?
10:07 What has contributed to your success as an entrepreneur?
13:44 Bringing Sequoia to China?
19:09 What makes you successful as an investor?
25:42 What excites you about China today?
29:19 Biggest opportunities and challenges to US companies trying to enter China?
35:42 Start of Q&A
36:02 Unique challenges entrepreneurs face in China?
40:33 How to you evaluate companies in new trends?
43:54 How did you find your partners?
46:20 Which is a bigger bubble, China or US?
50:37 Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Interview Date: 9th November, 2015
Event: Stanford GSB Global Speakers Series
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