Billionaire Bruce Flatt: Real Estate Investment Principles and Advice To Small Investors (2018)

Investor Tips
An interview and Q&A with billionaire real estate investor and CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, Bruce Flatt. In this interview, Bruce discusses his approach and guiding principles to investing in real estate. Bruce also talks about how a small investor should invest in real estate and where there is opportunity.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
1:16 Look for opportunity away from where the crowd is going
1:48 Investment guidelines
5:09 Business model
6:34 Competitive advantages
8:57 Value investments
14:00 Yields
15:21 Guiding principles when investing in real estate
26:47 Mistakes
29:14 Change brings opportunity
33:00 Compounding returns
34:12 Start of Q&A
34:35 Events that have shaped your career?
36:27 One mistake you wish you could correct?
37:47 How do you think about patience?
39:42 Advice for small real estate investment?
43:24 Advice to young person to get the magic of compounding working for them?
44:51 What value do you bring to the properties?
46:55 What do you think is the hypothesis for data centres becoming an asset class and the risks?
48:50 Views on investing in Bitcoin?
49:44 Thesis on active management of acquisitions?
51:05 Future opportunities in Silicon Valley?

Interview Date: August 13th, 2018
Event: Talks at Google
Original Image Source:

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